​​​Tara Egnatios

June 1st 2018

What June Gloom?! Just started on an amazingly exciting adventure!!! Providing the English Dub for the Lead in a VERY popular Catalonian Television Series. WARMIN UP THEM PIPES :)

May 23rd 2018

Paid Family Leave is important! I'm so glad to lend my voice and likeness to a PSA supporting it today 

May 17th 2018

Go look at my commercial with your eyes!!! 


April 20th 2018

I BOOKED MY FIRST VOICE OVER GIG! It was for an international movie trailer. Meeee meee meee meee WHERE'S MY HUMIDIFIER MARIAH!!!!

April 4th 2018

Grillin' & Chillin'! Call me Bobby Flay! Trade Show Industrial for Num Nums today!

March 29th 2018

MY MOST INCREDIBLE A LIST EXPERIENCE TO DATE!!! but I can't tell you because of the NDA. He's a HYSTERICAL A List Movie star. And now we're co-workers!

March 25th 2018

It is very important to me to have racially conscious work in my portfolio. Black & Brown people don't have access to equal opportunities due to a multifaceted systemic injustices. Used my work to address Cultural Appropriate in a Short Today. 

March 7th 2018

Acting as a stressed out office worker makes me SO VERY HAPPY to not be a stressed out office worker. Today's industrial: for new Accounting Software. E = MC2 ...or something.

February 23rd 2018

CAT THEMED YOGA PANTS!!! Now that I have your attention....just shot a web spot for a new Internet Browser. I'm a human pop-up. Also in the ad.

February 17th 2018

Call me "Meredith"! On Set an Office Cubicle (...can you imagine?!) as a rude office for a new travel coffee mug. Word around the water cooler....

February 12th 2018

Very proud to be a part of a conscious short about the racial inequity of The Death Penalty. Black Lives Matter.

February 8th 2018

Rose Water is delicious. More delicious on set. More delicious shooting a commercial for H2Rose. I LOVE FREE STUFF....and Acting of course :)

February 3rd 2018

I am SO SO fine with Wine. So Fine with Wine my friends! Very excited to make the trek down to Temecula for a "Shop Local" ad in their Old Town. Now where's that wine....

January 27th 2018

It's important to talk about mental health. VERY proud to be working on a new Web Series that explores the topics through the lens of a Mother-Daughter relationship. Love is. 

January 25th AND 26th 2018

I'm On Set a commercial! Yeah you heard right 2 Days about that commercial life! I am so thankful and having tons of fun. Look ma! I'm on TV!

January 14th 2018

On Set today as a Stern Professional Mom. Soon I'll be wearing unflattering high-waisted jeans like the Pros!

January 13th 2018 

Please let the Chemistry warm up this "Cold" LA whether! Chemistry Read for the Lead in a Web Series-Noice!

November 12th 2017

Pot-Smokin' Real Estate Agent with a Heart of Gold is my workplace description today. On Set! for a Feature :)

August 13th 2017

Fun Shoot today with friends! for "Elysian Gardens". Yes, I'm a Grizzled Roadie. Also an Actor.

July 20th 2017

All Things Go. Tonight was the Closing Night of the Summer Comedy Showcase @ AMAW. It was so much fun and I am so proud to be a part of this international joint!

June 11th 2017

I am very proud to be a part of the Summer Comedy Showcase at my resident favorite place Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop. Come see me! Thursdays in July.

June 2nd 2017

Hey! Watch this PSA. I'm in it and I believe in it:


May 23rd 2017

Boo to the YAH. Booked! the Summer Comedy Showcase at my resident LA Favorite Place-Anthony Meindl's Actor Studio. I'll be HA to the HA'in. 

May 5th 2017 

On Set new Crime Re-creation Show as a Addict/Hooker. ALL DAY AS MOTHER'S FAVORITE CHILD! So much fun gettin' grimy! 

April 19th 2017

LOVE LOVE LOVE acting For a Purpose! On Set a PSA for Paternity and LGBTQ Inclusive Medical Leave for New Parents today. I got to cuddle a fake baby!

April 8th 2017

Juice Plus! Chopped, Blended, and BOOKED! Lots of low glycemic fun today On Set for this healthy, delicious shake!

March 13th 2017

Movin' on up! to the East Side. Also, to the Advanced Level UCB Courses. Au Revor 201! Yay for Graduation Day :)

March 9th 2017

Lots of Fun. No Ham. On Set today with The Hambone Group for a political satire. Makin' hahas for the interwebs like a coupla teenagers!

​​March 2nd 2017

Starting off my birthday month with the first step on a Life Long Dream! Just wrapped a 2 week Animation VO Workshop. GADZOOKS!

February 15th 2017

New pictures of my face are now parading proudly around town! And on this here website. Check out the new Headshots!

February 2nd 2017

What a day! What a day! Today is the day I officially became SAG-AFTRA Eligible :) Let's go all the way up....

January 27th 2017

​Holy Mackerel! The pen sure is mightier my friends! My original comedic work made it into the Spring 2017 Comedy Showcase at my Acting Studio-Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop! I am honored and MORE than ready to talk trash to Angela Lansbury.  

​January 26th 2017

Welcome Back Kotter! But more so-ME to Upright Citizens Brigade. I am back in Improv class. YES and it feels great! YES and I do not get sick of that joke. 

January 24th 2017

​Super pumped to sit for NEW HEADSHOTS with Brian Love! Well I stood. Some movement. Not too much though. Body language says a lot. Shouldn't talk too much during it. Then your mouth ends up in funny positions. Lotta focus this headshot thing. Heh focus-like photography. We have fun.

January 18th 2017

"If you're going to San Francisco...." in decades past the home of the Countercultural Movement NOW the home of my work on Indie Feature "The Sugar Moon Tribe". I play Erin the promiscuous, predatory lesbian friend. Of equal importance to the course of American History. Tell ya kids.

​December 28th 2016

TONIGHT! I fulfilled a life long goal portraying "Rocker Chick" in a Rap Video. Now only to become a rapper myself...

December 16th 2016​

That's not Santa creepin' around your backyard. It's me! As a Sketchy Cat Burglar for a new House Alarm System. I suggested we call ourselves the sticky bandits. 

November 20th 2016

So proud to be a part of the UCB Family! LOVE LOVE LOVED the Intro course and Very Excited to INVEST in the community. Yes, and I graduated today :)

​November 14th 2016

DO ASK, DO TELL! Now that's a platform I can get behind! Out & PROUD to be a part of this Stand Up Show celebrating honoring LGBTQ Military Vets. Catch me at Flapper's Comedy Club in Burbank. At ease.

October 6th 2016

I am NOT your Guru! First day On Set of a new Web Series that dives into the BTS action of a Self Help Seminar. I play Mary. And I'd love to give you some Kool Aid....

October 1st 2016

Howdy! Our comedy short "My Big Fat Lesbian Bat Mitzvah" will be spreading mikvahs all over the state of Texas with it's acceptance into this year's Lone Star Film Festival! 

September 30th 2016

BOOKED IT! A new Web Series about a Self Help Seminar and its Participants shot in Mockumentary Style. I swear I swear it's not a cult!

September 28th 2016

Oh what a grand joyous adventure to embark on! Today was my first day! MY VERY FIRST DAY of formal Improvisation training at UCB. I am so excited to play. And get good. I want to get real, real good at this. It's such a gift to begin creative expression through this new channel. To life!

September 27th 2016

J.Lo may not be your Mama! But today I am! Well not yours in particular but a young actor's....for the day....for acting. I played a Mom in a new ad for a Online Health Care App. The greatest stretch of my range to date by appearing deft at the internet. 

September 22nd 2016

Lookie! Lookie! I got bookie! Even more exciting than sharing my (fictitious) casserole recipe I will be playing a Mama in an online ad for a new Healthcare App. Now turn your head and cough.

September 19th 2016

You like me! You really like me! So much fun competing in THE FINALS! of the "Comedy Games" Stand Up Competition. It was a great way to make bringing joy to others totally all about us. 

September 12th 2016

Call me Katniss, Kiddos!!! Today I shot the pilot for "Comedy Games" a competition where Stand Up is a Team Sport. Don't worry little Prim, I pledged as Tribute. 

September 1st 2016

Oh may The Purple One Rest in Peace! Tons O Fun on set tonight for an online advert honoring Prince. It was a parody music video for a popular website. There was more gender bending than you could shake a stick at!

August 27th 2016

Round up the Burners! Awesome shoot tonight out of the Thirty Mile Zone for a new Indie Feature. In a dystopian future the gap between the rich and poor is even larger. We take to the countryside to release our fears. It was beautiful and I can't wait to share it with you!

August 26th 2016

Feelin' like a champion! after my first show at The Nerdist. I was lucky enough to do stand up on the HD Comedy Show aka "Head Scarves and Du Rags" celebrating comics of color. The crowd was there to have fun and we did just that. Connecting through laughter is such a gift!

August 16th 2016

Just finished up a 3 Week workshop with Gina Gallego! It was tons o fun and it always a joy to meet women in the comedy business. She was gracious and so obviously brilliant at her job. I hope the reputable workshop companies get a fighting chance to stick around. 

July 21st 2016

I don't know if I'd ever have shoes shiny enough to make it into the actual force so 2 days on set as FBI may be the closest I get. The opportunity to live multiple lives day to day is an adventure that will never get old. I love you, Acting!

July 19th 2016

Yippy Skippy! Just booked multiple days On Set for a new True Crime re-creation drama from the real life "Donnie Brasco". It will be full of intrigue and told from the undercover cop's perspective. Be happy for me! But don't tell anyone what you know.....sssshhhh

July 17th 2016

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! Spent a fun day on set for shooting an infomercial with Bob Caudill & Associates for a cosmetics company. The better the you know me the more you understand how ironic that is. My mascara normally ends up on much of my face and in both of my eyes. Cheers to the magic of television!

June 30th 2016

My video for the Conejo Valley Board of Tourism is out! Featuring the many attractions of the land and ME! as well as almost literally all my clothes. Watch it with your eyeballs!!! https://youtu.be/khcOj81vtTQ

June 18th 2016

Are you SICK & TIRED of not seeing my face on infomercials? Had ENOUGH OF late night paid programming not featuring me? FOR 3 EASY PAYMENTS OF $39.99 you got it. I booked an infomercial!

​June 13th 2016

I need 40ccs of Feature work STAT! I got to play a doctor today in a movie. Well, I guess it was actually IN a hospital. But it was for a movie.You get the picture. Take 2 and call me in the morning. 

June 3rd 2016

Whether you Stand with Her or are Feeling the Bern I know we all can get behind Planned Parenthood. I am so proud to lend my voice to supporting this priceless organization. Go to therealplannedparenthood.org and check out my testimonial telling Karla's story of PPH made her life better. 

​May 23rd 2016

The Reagan Presidential Library, Zuma Beach, Malibu Wine Safari!!! and many other were my stomping grounds this week! in an effort to promote tourism in the Conejo Valley I got to travel, adventure, and experience for money! Acting you have my whole heart! ​​​

May 19th 2016

Booked! a 3 Day, 20 Location Shoot to promote tourism in the Conejo Valley. First stop-Taradise!

May 17th 2016

On to the Next One! Shooting my next project- a Comedic Short about the dreaded Casting Couch- "I'll F@ck Addison James" will leave you cracking up! and your mother deeply ashamed. 

May 10th 2016

I've always been a fan of this Chuckle Hut Cabler and boy oh boy! today I was called to set for a Pilot on Comedy Central called "Problematic with Moshe Kasher". Here's to a series order!

​​​May 4th 2016
THE TOP TEN JOBS I JUST BOOKED. #5 YOU WON'T BELIEVE! I booked and shot a funny Viral Video for a well known Internet Brand today. I played a Bathroom Attendant. So if you need me I'll be waiting by the phone for the call from Lee Daniels to star in The Butler II.

April 24th 2016

What a marvelous! first! for me today. After an incredible run working together on the Sold Out "Captive" at Fremont Theater I was offered the lead for "Choice" without even auditioning!!! I'll be playing an attorney for the first time since abandoning a legal career to live an artist. As your attorney I advise you not miss it.

April 21st 2016
JUST BOOKED: My First Ever Music Video!!!! I will be playing One of the 7 Deadly Sins and perhaps being taught how to Dougie.

​March 24th 2016

Today was the first of a 3 Week Workshop with Casting Director Tim Payne. He's casting the new pilot for a comedy from Shondraland. You know that tiny, never talked about, no-ones-ever-heard-of brand. No biggie. JUST KIDDING IT'S HUGE AND SUPER AWESOME! Cross your fingers for me to bring the HaHa's.

March 18th 2016

It was hard not to feel like one of the chosen people today at the premiere of "My Big Fat Lesbian Bat Mitzvah" in Santa Barbara. I've never loved anything like I love the movies. To see myself on The Big Screen is a privilege that will never get old, that I will never take for granted. What a beautiful life to live!

March 9th 2016

I pretended to work a 9 to 5 desk job today and now I feel dirty! Lots of whatever the opposite of FOMO is on set today for a new Realtor app. It was realtor fun!......I apologize immediately for that pun.

March 6th 2016

Didya see me! Didya see me on TV! Tonight I appeared on "Unusual Suspects" on Investigation Disovery Network. I was a CSI and my whole family watched! If you need me I'll be taking embarrasing pictures by the paused image on my TV.

March 5th 2016

I got to go up at The Comedy Store tonight! Although it was the first place I ever performed stand up at (and I've been there a million times since!) it never loses its awesomeness. Case in point, I performed on the same line up as Judd Apatow. Yeah, THAT Judd Apatow. Magic happens here kids. 

March 2nd 2016

Oh what a gift to use my creative forces for a social cause! On Set today for a digital and print video and still photography shoot for a Women's Health Clinic in dire need of support. It was tons o fun! and there were double the reasons to feel good about how I was using my time. 

February 29th 2016

You don't wanna miss this one folks!!! THIS SUNDAY March 6th you can catch my shining little face on Investigation Discovery Network's Top Rated Show "Unusual Suspects" as a CSI. Cheer me on as we find the murderer!

February 28th 2016

Pumped to LEAP into March with another exciting booking! Saturday March 5th I'll be returning to my comedy HQ at The World Famous Comedy Store! Catch me circa 8pm and bring your laughing hat!

February 23rd 2016

I will VERY PROUDLY, in this election year!, be a part of a print and video campaign for Planned Parenthood. It's very exciting for me to work on projects of social relevance and in support of things I believe in. I hope it somehow involves cuddling a baby.

February 14th 2016

A NEWER, BRAND SPANKIN NEW VERSION OF MY REEL?!?! Surely you jest! No joke, with new footage rollin' in I had to keep y'all abreast of the latest developments. So gather round your laptop and check it out in the "Video" section or on my channel at www.YouTube.com/TaraComedy if you're into that sort of thing. THIS is what I LOVE.

February 11th 2016

Back on "Lifestyles of The Rich & Famous" tip! On Set On Location for a Commercial today!!! at ANOTHER Multimillion, MultiMulti Acre Estate outside LA. Oh, what a beautiful adventure it was! It's set to air in the next few weeks so get those TiVos warmed up! 

February 8th 2016

Mosey  on over to the "Video" section to check out the latest draft of a compilation of my acting demos. Yup, it's about to get Reel Real Real Quick. 

February 5th 2016
Oh yes! Oh yes! Another Industrial Promo! This time for a Multi Million Dollar Real Estate Listing. Yes it was so exciting nearly EVERY word in that sentence deserved capitalization. It was so neat! There were 5 floors and acres and acres of lemon, orange, and avocado orchards. I got to take a free avocado home! Life is good!

February 3rd 2016
Never did I ever think I'd end up on PlayboyTV. With all my clothes on! I appeared as a comedic (and if you ask me socio-political!) commentator on how the male dominated Adult Film Industry misrepresents women and lesbians. I think Beyonce would approve. 

January 30th 2016
Super fun experience today on set for an Iced Tea Industrial Promo. No not the rapper "Ice T" and there was actually no Iced Tea there which was somewhat unsavory for my parched gullet...but that's besides the point! It was great and I'm excited for more!

January 28th 2016

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! JUST BOOKED a HILARIOUS (and fully clothed) SPOT on PlayboyTV. From this day forth I will dramatically whip a scarf around my neck while putting on gigantic sunglasses and referring to Marilyn Monroe and The Hef as co-workers.

January 16th 2016

Oh what a fine day it is! I was brought back to set on the Web Series "Turn". Miranda (that's me!) has survived her nearly terminal illness and has a new lease on life. But the man who paid for her life saving treatment is in trouble and it's time to do whatever it takes to repay the favor...

January 11th 2016 

I am so excited! Today was my very first day at Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop in West Hollywood. I COMPLETELY agree with the pedagogy (in short: acting is just being present in the moment) and find it to be a spiritual practice that also covers acting technique. I feel so so lucky to be one of the few actors on the whole planet who are taught directly by Tony. Life is good!

January 10th 2016
L'Chaim my friends! L'Chaim! Very fun time today making some girls women as The Rabbi On Set "My Big Fat Lesbian Bat Mitzvah" today. I got to wear a pink yamaka. Are you hearing me?! A pink sparkly yamaka! with a full temple of fine folks! 

December 11th 2015

I got the Golden Ticket! I got the Golden Ticket! I WIN! I WIN! Very very excited to announce I will be joining Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop in January. I audited just about every acting class in LA and no one captured my creative imagination like he did. What a gift to study acting in West Hollywood with one of the greats. I'm so thankful to be able to follow my dreams in the capital of dreamers. Keep those chins high, kiddos!

December 6th 2015 

Happy Holidays! It's cliche but true-this (well, and all others also) is the season for GIVING. I'm very excited and proud to be announced as a performer (Stand Up baby!) for ABC 7 and Southland Firefighter's Association 8th Annual Holiday Show for the Spark of Love Toy Drive. Here's to a life spent spreading laughter and toys!

November 20th 2015

Look Ma! I'm on TV! No kiddin! I did it! I shot my 1st (OF MANY!) Television Appearance today with a Co-Starring Role on a True Crime Re-Creation Show. At time of publishing I was under a Non-Disclosure Agreement that wouldn't allow me to say much more. But if you're in the future vis a vi this date then you'll see the pictures! and credit on my resume. Maybe even a video! Hey....what's the future like?!

November 9th 2015

....and don't forget to call ya mother! JUST BOOKED the role of Rabbi in "My Big Fat Lesbian Bat Mitzvah". This forthcoming short tells the story of a middle aged woman who comes out to her family by staging the eponymous event at an LGBTQ Friendly Non-Binary Gender Confirming Temple. 

November 3rd 2015

Hot of the heels of an AWESOME October! I just booked the Lead and ONLY character in a Short about how a young Artist starts her day. It involves talking to a stuffed animal. It is 99% similar to my life. VERY VERY excited to dig into this hilarious script!

October 2015

October has been somethin' else, fam! Too busy to even give you love on these here interwebs. With great, great pride my focus this month was paying justice to Lisa of "Captive". As the lead in this original play-which Sold Out ALL 3 Nights of its run at Fremont Center Theater-I owed Lisa the best possible retelling of her loss (taraegnatios.tumblr.com for more on that process). I lose my love, the center of my life, my person, MY HOME over the course of 20 hours looked in a room with white supremacists who are quite vocally disapproving of my interracial relationship. I poured myself into the project and it was such an honor to share it. As soon as that wrapped (like 15 hours later) I was on set for "The Brothel's Parrot" in a HUGE change of pace. "Parrot" utilizes classic situational comedy when a foul mouth Parrot ends up at a high end home. Why yes, Hilarity DID ensue! So thankful for all of this. And all things. "When you follow your destiny the whole Universe conspires to help you"

September 29th 2015

Just Booked the Lead in a Short Film "The Brothel's Parrot"! My fancy dinner party is ruined when my son brings home a Parrot raised in....you guessed it!...a Brothel! Glad to finally break free of ALWAYS being cast as the Parrot.

September 28th 2015
News Headshots ARE IN! Check them out here or throw me a Like at www.Facebook.com/TaraEgnatios. Which one is your favorite?

September 14th 2015

Yesterday was my 6 year anniversary of stepping on stage for the first time in Los Angeles (as a stand up comic). Since then I've seen places and taken my art to levels I never could have imagined when I packed up the moving truck. I moved to LA to do the sensible thing-graduate school, a family, you know the color of the fence, etc. But what turned out to make the most sense was following my inner spark, my inner child. Acting has already changed my life so deeply and so positively I feel I have no choice but to invest so my all into it. Today I sat for new headshots with Backstage Reader's Choice for Best Headshot Photographer 2 years in a row! Stephanie Girard. I'm so so excited about what we found and with this work I just know we're gonna level up. Stay tuned, fam this is going to get exciting :)

September 2nd 2015

I just shot my first online ad! For nail polish that won't come off NO MATTER WHAT! I got to play a mama to two adorable children in a gorgeous West Hollywood home. Acting is so much fun! More please!

August 2015

It's so good to be busy! Been auditioning AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE and taking my first On Camera Commercial Audition Technique class! SO HAPPY to announce my most recent bookings: a Series Regular in the forthcoming webseries "Bed, Breakfast & Beyond" as Rita-a bitter shame eating Angel and as the Co-Lead in Captive premiering on stage at Fremont Theater in Pasadena as Lisa a woman embroiled in racial tension as she is held hostage.

July 21st 2015

On the advice of Katelyn Mauriello of AEFH Talent Agency I started auditing Acting and Cold Read + Commercial Audition Technique Classes and Workshops to figure out which is the best fit for me to continue sharpening my skills. So far the BRILLIANT man she recommended-Anthony Meindl-has my heart. Who's YOUR favorite coach? Tweet me your suggestions! 

July 16th 2015

After an INCREDIBLE workshop with Casting Director Danielle Eskinazi I set an appointment for NEW HEADSHOTS with Backstage Reader's Choice for Best Headshot

Photographer: Stephanie Girard. VERY excited to update my pics and practicing not being cross-eyed as we speak!